lundi 31 mars 2014

Miss Fashion 2014 - Round 6 - Caprycia Resident

Theme : Roberto Capucci
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕
Roberto Capucci, born December 2, 1930 (83 years) in Rome, is a Italian fashion designer. His accomplishments regularly employ geometric shapes and bright colors.
The contemporary designer seems to float between art and fashion.
It is well known for its innovative and creative forms his job silhouettes, color and materials.
Roberto Capucci began his career at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome and then set up his own fashion house in 1950. This is where he began to find in art, architecture and nature's inspiration. He was noted for his architectural approach to fashion, and even received praise from renowned designers such as Christian Dior when he was still a teenager. Capucci describes creation as'' a complete sensory experience'' and'' an art, beauty, color, emotion, music, nature and poetry assault''.
American actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Esther Williams and Gloria Swanson wore his designs, but the most famous of these is perhaps her dress Dorica Colonna, a silk satin creation inspired by a Doric column.
Caprycia present here one of them: The dress peplo 1992 recreated by Amarelo Manga. This dress was one of 31 dresses listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO for their scenic footprint.
This dress in bright colors and fluid materials, Caprycia gives the look and elegance of a Goddess and a historical touch reminds of the time it represents..
The Emerald Parure chosen by Caprycia brings a finishing touch finesse to sublimate this dress and its history.
Styling :
Hair : Lily @ Amacci
Dress : Roberto Capucci @ Amarelo Manga
Jewels : Karukera @ Vintage Jewels
Make-up eyes :  Couture Eyeliner N°2 @ Glam Affair
Make-up Lips : Fuyu Lipstick Rust @ Izzie's

samedi 29 mars 2014

Cosmopolitan Sale Room - Round 33

Styling :
Hair : Violetta @ Exile
Dress : [LG] Boutique-[ W14] Wishing Well @ Cosmo
Jewels : Florence @ Virtual impression

Styling :
Hair : Lagheta @ Truth (new)
Dress : [M.O.W] Mika Sweater Dres  @ Cosmo

Styling :
Hair : Lolwa @ Catwaa
Outfit : [LG] Boutique-[ W14] We Go Together @ Cosmo

Styling :
Dress : Nisa Dress by Asteria @ Cosmo
Hair : Lyma @ Truth

Styling :
Hair : Quiet Afterthought @ Exile
Dress :  été - vin by Munereia @ Cosmo
Jewels : Marquessa @ Earthstones

mardi 25 mars 2014

Du Diamond Navy For Asteria

Styling :

Hair : Tableau Vivant @ Deck
Outfit : Du Diamond Navy @ Asteria
Shoes : Hucci @ C88
Jewels : Lazuri

lundi 24 mars 2014

Amarelo manga Elsa Schiaparelli

This dress is inspired to Elsa Schiaparelli.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:

More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:

Something about this dress:
This dress takes inspiration from an existing creation, that is part of the latest collections of the brand Schiaparelli.
The desire to impress and be talked about has alwayattracted Elsa and her successors continue to create dresses that show feminine sensuality and that are extremely eye-catching.
This dress plays with sensual and deep necklines: the one in front discovers the breasts sliding along the belly, while the one on the back comes just above the buttocks, leaving the back entirely exposed.
The bright colors make the dress flashy and eye-catching.
The fabric plays with geometric scraps of cloth in different colors, that vaguely remember the works of the Netherlands painter Piet Mondrian.

Styling :

Hair : Maria @ Amacci
Jewels : Gold @ Lazuri ( Gift)

Miss Fashion 2014 - Round 5 - Caprycia Resident

Theme : Paul Poiret
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕

Paul Poiret was a major figure in the early twentieth century

This French designer, who made his classes at Doucet and Worth, is known to have liberated women from corsets and the back, which was not highlighted at this time is completely uncovered by Poiret.
He remained through the ages a great master of elegance.
He draws his inspirations Orientalism very fashionable in 1910.
His destiny is however not that he deserved to have.
When Gabrielle Chanel sets a new style more "sport", Poiret's creations are shelved. He tries to defend himself somehow reproaching Chanel transform women workers, but it replies that the women dressed in Poiret escapement appear to have a harem ...
Finally, after the crisis of 1929, the home must close Poiret. The thankless world of fashion that the man who organized the most lush evenings Paris in the 1910s, died poor and forgotten all about twenty years later.
To represent the designer who in the 1910s has greatly diversified in embroidery and printed Caprycia chose this set in oriental style with warm colors and finely decorated with embroidery of gold.
The cap she wears reminds the exotic side of the East, heat, and sweet and soft colors Harem.
The snake raised here in jewel represents the divine animal symbol of life and wisdom.
Caprycia finally opted for small fine gold color shoes go with this set straps to give it an elegant and refined touch.

Styling :
Hair : Hairbase henna @Amacci
Dress : Boardwalk Orange Mesh Top & Skirt @ Enzo Champagne
Hat : Boardwalk Orange @ Enzo Champagne
Shoes : Delicious Gold @ N-Core
Jewels : Snake Armband & Necklace
Ring : Precious Ring @ Vintage Jewels
Accessory : Parisian Cigarette & Holder @ The Sea Hole
Lip : Ginevra Peach @ Izzie's
Eyes : Couture Eyeliner n°3 @ Glam Affair

dimanche 23 mars 2014

Silk Dress for Nya's

Styling :

Hair : Siobban @ Maitreya
Dress : Silk Dress Red Flower @ Nya's
Jewels : Shahy @ Lazuri

Glam For Nya's

Styling :

Hair : Shery @ LoQ
Skirt : Glam pencil skirt Coco @ Nya's
Shirt : Glam Office shirt cream @ Nya's
Shoes : Riverton Sandal - Toast by Hucci @ C88
Bag : Vintage Bag @ PurpleMoon (Cherry hunt)
Flower: JetDoll - Cherry Blossom Flower

Exclusive laced dress for MC Fashion Store& Events

Styling :

Hair : Lelutka
Shoes : Hucci @c88

Exclusive laced dress for MC Fashion Store& Events

mercredi 19 mars 2014


Aujourd'hui en me connectant sur SL j'ai eu une très belle surprise :

Hi Caprycia!
I just wanted to inform you that you have won the title of:  MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP!
You now have the option to request any item from the store to be sent to you.  You also will receive every new MOLiCHiNO Release from now onwards :D
There are no strings attached, no need to blog or anything like that :D
If you like, I would love to add you to my Blogger group under the title of MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP, as I send all new items through this group for bloggers to blog, so you will be able to receive everything through there.
If you wish, I'd love to add you as a friend in-world.  Please let me know if thats ok :D
Congratulations again!

YAYYYYYYY ..Trop contente
Merci à Aurelia Chauveau ♥

mardi 18 mars 2014

Georgia hibiscus For Prism

Hair :Tilda @ Truth
Outfit : Georgia Hibiscus @ PRISM
Jewels : Kaya @ Lazuri

Sami For Prism

Hair : Harriet @ truth
Outfit : Sami @ Prism
Jewels : shahy red @ lazuri
Shoes : HH Hucci Riverton Sandal - CornerRed

Sparkling For Ava Girl

Styling :

Hair : Judy by @ D!va @ C88
Dress : Sparkle @AvaGirl
Jewels : Benedicte Silver @ Vintage Jewels

lundi 17 mars 2014

CALAAN - Orchidea Couture New

Available on the Shop Orchidea Couture (10 colors )

Styling :

Hair : Flora @ D!va
Jewels : Spring collection @ Lazuri
Dress : CALAAN @ Orchidea Couture

Boudoir - Fairy Affair

Styling :

Hair : Giz Type A @ D!va
Outfit : Fairy Affair @ Boudoir

Make - up : St Patrick @ MUA

MUA - St Patrick

Styling :

Hair : Giz Type A @ D!va
Outfit : Fairy Affair @ Boudoir

Make - up : St Patrick @ MUA

Miss Fashion - Round 4 - Caprycia Resident

Theme : Hussein Chalayan
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕

Hussein Chalayan is a Turkish nationality stylist installed in Britain since the age of 8 years.
Awarded in 1999 and 2000 as British Designer of the Year for his experimental and conceptual creations of design, architecture, social criticism, new technologies, and fashion. It mixes art and fashion, and sometimes video, for his creations: American Vogue described as "the first intelligent designer of his generation."
In 1995, Chalayan beat 100 competitors to win the Top London fashion design award.
In July 2000, Time magazine quotes him as "one of Their 100 Most Influential innovators for the 21st century"
Based on the new Collection 2014 , Caprycia chose this styling for its large and clean lines.
Draped dress soft and comfortable material.
accessories, designer highlight key elements of its particularity to mix fashion and visual art.
The platform shoes provide a natural touch that blends perfectly with umbrella plastic.
These elements are integral part of this unique side styling and require nothing more in terms of jewelry except that a bracelet to balance together and retransmit the original spirit and signature of Hussein Chalayan

Styling :

Hair : Alice @ Lelutka
Glasses : :: PM :: Coco Sunglasses in Nude -Special Edition
Dress : Mignon-Evening Silver-Blue @ Maitreya
Shoes : Eudora 3D Akhesa
Umbrella : @ Salt ( Gift) Modified
Hat : Black Floppy Hat @ IAF Modified
Bracelt : Antinea Silver @ Vintage Jewels
Lip Make-up : Izzie's Ginevra Peach

Link to the Collection 2014 :

dimanche 16 mars 2014

Loovus On the Saviad Spring Fair

Styling :

Hair : Maisy @ Truth ( New)
Dress : .LD. Watercolor Mini Violet Storm @Saviad Spring Fair

Jewels : Lazuri Regal Desire - Magenta - @ Cherry hunt @ PurpleMoon

Nya's @ Fashion Limited

Find this Dress of Nya's on the Fashion Limited

vendredi 14 mars 2014

FOREVER SUMMER For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :

Dress : FOREVER SUMMER South Sea Red Hibiscus Island @ Cosmo
Jewels : Maysoon Emerald @ Lazuri
Ring : Mengka ring Emerald @L'accessoire Hair : Elaine @ Truth

Motivaction For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :

Hair : Lover @Truth
Dress : Ladies tied SweaterDress by Motivaction @ Cosmo
Shoes : HH Hucci Riverton Sandal Shape pacidblue @C88

jeudi 13 mars 2014

Fabian Jumpsuit For Asteria

Styling :

Hair : Klara @ Amacci
Outfit : Fabian Mesh Jumpsuit Bohemian @ Asteria
Shoes : HH Hucci Riverton Sandal - Toast - @C88
Jewels : Marbella MG (Old C88)


Styling :

Hair : Lolita by Truth @C88
Dress : Emeri Strip Dress @ C88
Shoes : Jacmel Pump @Hucci
HeadBand : =FT - Rope Flower Headband
Ring : Precious Ring @Vintage Jewels

Molichino Valley Playsuit

Styling :

Hair : Clawtooth Betty Spaghett @C88
Shoes : - HH Hucci Riverton Sandal - Acai - @ C88
Outfit : Valley Playsuit @MOLICHINO
Jewels : Lazuri Regal Desire (Cherry Hunt)

mercredi 12 mars 2014

BPPN For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :

Hair : Elsa by Monso @ C88
Outfit : Vasanta AlineSkirt Green Flower by BPPIN @ Cosmo
Jewels : Mayavati @ Vintage Jewels

Ashmoot For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling : Lelutka ( Old Gift)
Dress : Spring sexy mini Dress by Ashmoot @ Cosmo
Jewels : Modern Couture (Old fi*friday)
Belt : COCO Designs
Boots : Maitreya

Look Me For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :

Hair : Squeeze @AD
Dress : Sasha Dress by Look*Me @ Cosmo
Jewels : antinea Collar dog @ Vintage Jewels

lundi 10 mars 2014

A Simply Morning ...

Styling :

Hair : Squezze @ AD

Pant : Drape Bermuda V2 @ Shi

Top : puzz Top @ NV

Shoes : Eternity @ N-Core

Miss Fashion 2014 - Round 3 - Caprycia Resident

Theme : Elsa Schiaparelli
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕

Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian fashion designer high reputation in 30-40 years. In aristocratic origin, she launched into haute couture in 1927 by opening his shop in Paris and stop his career in 1954. His creations are inspired by the great surrealist artists such as Jean Cocteau, Alberto Giacometti and even Salvador Dali.
During her career she recruit a widely famous designer today is none other than Hubert de Givenchy..

His tastes and creativity take precedence over aesthetics and dress the diversion function (such as the famous shoe-shaped hat). She is also the inventor of "shocking pink."

Still the Schiaparelli brand is unique and often dramatic, as shown by the spring summer 2014 collection while keeping in mind Schiaparelli, is shaped perfectly to the tastes and life of today's woman. The dress that I present is a black dress in washed silk organza covered with tulle ruffled silk worn with a black jacket in washed silk organza. I chose to style this dress giving the famous and unique touch of "shocking pink" in the spirit of this famous Italian designer

Styling :

Hair : Limbo @ Tuty's
Dress - Hat : Tribute of Elsa @ AD Creations
Glove : Orchidea Creations
Shoes : Origami Sandal @ E-Clipse
Bag : Tee*fy Toy Cam Modified
Jewels : Lovis Dark & Pink @ Vintage Jewels
Make-up eyes : Couture Eyeliner @Glam Affair
Lipstick : fuyu lipstick @ Izzie's

vendredi 7 mars 2014

Damatjo Mesh Blouse & Bikini For Asteria

Styling :

Hair : Cicilia @ Truth
Blouse : Damatjo Mesh blouse & Bikini @Asteria
Pant : Bold Brights Mesh Jeans @ Tutti Frutti
Collar : MG - Necklace - Teardrop Turtle @Arcade

Angelset green For Angel Dessous

Styling :

Hair : Hadeya @Catwaa
Jewels : Esmee @Lazuri
Lingerie : Angelset Green @AngelDessous

VINTAGE JEWELS - I Am Unique Contest



Sponsors - Mohna Lisa Couture - SL Live Radio

Show us how Unique you are with TWO photos featuring yourself wearing VINTAGE Jewels.
- ONE photo must be full length (not necessary in evening gown)
- ONE photo must be a close up of the first photo showing the jewels and your face.

1st Prize:
* 10 000L$ in cash from VINTAGE Jewels
* 10 000L$ gift card from VINTAGE Jewels
* 5 000L$ gift card from Mohna Lisa Couture
* Photos featured in the VINTAGE Jewels mainstore for two months with the winner's name (and the photographer's name if the winner has hired one)

2nd Prize:
* 2 000L$ in cash from VINTAGE Jewels
* 5 000L$ gift card from VINTAGE Jewels

3rd Prize
* 1 000L$ in cash from VINTAGE Jewels
* 2 000L$ gift card from VINTAGE Jewels


1. Take
- ONE full length photo of yourself wearing VINTAGE Jewels
(not necessary in evening gown).
- ONE close up of the first photo showing the jewels and your face.

- The photo MUST be:
- MODERATE content.
- jpeg format, FULL PERM, size 1024 x 1024
- The theme and location are your choice
- These jewels cannot be former or current shop or hunt gifts. They must be currently on sale on the GROUND FLOOR OF THE MAINSTORE ONLY.

2. Name the photos - I AM UNIQUE (1) and (2).

3. Place the photos on a notecard called I AM UNIQUE - THE CONTEST. (If there is one, type the name of the photographer in the notecard).

4. Join the VINTAGE Jewels group and add the main store to your picks (This is a must to validate your participation).

5. Drop the notecard in the I AM UNIQUE Contest Mail Box at the entrance of the store.

All the competing photos will be displayed in the main store and in the dedicated THE ART OF BEING UNIQUE Flickr.

The winners will be announced on April 27, 2014 at 12 PM SLT during a special I AM UNIQUE EVENT and the prizes awarded.

- Be interviewed on April 27 by SL Live Radio
- Mention in your profile that you are the winner of the "I AM UNIQUE" THE PHOTO CONTEST by VINTAGE Jewels
- Be available for promotional VINTAGE Jewels operations (photos, events & more as needed)
- Open one runway show for VINTAGE Jewels.

- Send more than two photos.
- Participate more than once.
- Participate with an alt.
- Mention your name OR the name of the photographer on the photos.
- The photo is not Moderate content
- Are a present or former member of staff of VINTAGE Jewels.
- Are a present or former member of staff of Mohna Lisa Couture.

For inquiries concerning this contest, please contact the General Manager Eternelle Slade.

And now, show us HOW UNIQUE YOU ARE!

lundi 3 mars 2014

samedi 1 mars 2014

Marline Dress For Astaria

Styling :

HAir : Mana @ D!va
Dress : Marline Dress @ Asteria
Jewels : Alma Gold @ Vintage jewels

Fabia For Lpd

Styling :

Hair : Heidi @ Ison
Shoes : Eternity N-Core
Outfit : Fabia @ LpD

Hestia For Lillou Merlin

Styling :

Hair : Lolwa @ Catwa
Jewels : Lovis Silver&Pink @Vintage jewels
Dress : Hestia @Lillou Designs

Optical For LpD

Styling :

Hair : Vivienne @D!va
Jewels : Shahy @ lazuri
Dress : Opticat @LpD