mardi 29 avril 2014

Gerry Dress For Prism

Styling :
Hair : Eva by Mina @TDR
Dress : Gerry Pink @ Prism
Jewels : Sanaa @ Lazuri
Flowers : Lode @ L'accessoire (old Gatcha)

Rebecca Dress For Prism

Styling :
Hair : Sunday @SpellBound 
Dress + Bag : Rebecca @ Prism

lundi 28 avril 2014

Raven Ruffle Jumpsuit For Asteria Creations

Styling :
Hair : Rykiel @Lelutka
Outfit : Raven jumpsuit pomegranate @Asteria
Shoes : Riverton Sandal Toast @hucci (old C88)
Jewels : Shahy Red + Lasya forehead @ Lazuri

Easter By Yin & Yang

 Hair Capry : Exile
Hair Angel : eXxESs
Outfit : Bun @ FINESMITH

dimanche 27 avril 2014

Color , Color And also Color ...

MUA Slink Nails FLUO
Styling :
Hair : Elise @ Truth
 Pants :  Skinny Jeans by [Cynful] @ TDR
Top : Daff Tank Mint @ Molichino
Bangles : *P* Mesh Bangles ~Soft Summer

Styling :
Hair : Maisy @ Truth
Dress : ColorBlock @ COCO Designs
Shoes : Lora Wedges Freesia @ Pure Poison
socks :  Frilly Ankle Socks-Lace Furill_Slink Add-on @ :SMC: (Old Hunt)

samedi 26 avril 2014

EF Designs - Mozzillo's Rose For The Miss Fashion 2014

DRESS: EF Design - Mozzillo's Rose
This dress is inspired to Angelo Mozzillo.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:
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More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:
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Something about this dress:
Refined silky gown with lace details, this unique dress slides tightly along the body to open in a mermaid ruffled skirt.
The dress is completed by a lace shrug connected to the bodice, highlighting the cleavage. White satin rose in various sizes enrich this creation.
Styling :
Hair : Estra @ Amacci
Jewels : Precise Frimont @ Lazuri
Bouquet : Brimaids bouquet Zoe 2 @ Orchidea

AD Creation - Tribute to Mozzillo For Miss Fashion 2014

DRESS: AD creation - Angelo Mozzillo Tribute
This dress is inspired to Angelo Mozzillo.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:
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More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:
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Something about this dress:
AD chooses to reinterpret Angelo Mozzillo’s style creating a very tight bridal gown, with a large flounce that encircle the breasts and decorated by a small rose, while big roses decorate the mermaid skirt.
The particular head-piece, with an eccentric features, makes the dress a piece of Haute Couture that you can wear not only as a wedding dress.
Styling :
Hair : hairbase Limbo @ Tuty's
Jewels : Precise Frimont @ Lazuri
Glove : Suki Glove @ MAAI

vendredi 25 avril 2014

JK Style For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :
Hair : These Boots @ Little Bones (Gift)
Dress : Nuala by JK Style @ Cosmo
Jewels : Good Luck @ Lazuri (Gift)

LG For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Hair : Ainsley @ Truth
Dress : LG Spring 2014 Beating Heart @ Cosmo
Ring : Finesmith (Gift)
Bracelet : Regal Desire @ Lazuri ( Gift)
Necklace : Karina @ MG

mardi 22 avril 2014

Modamia For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :
Hair : Becky @ Truth
Dress : Day to Night Spaghetti Teal by Modamia @ Cosmo
Jewels : Heart to Heart @ Lazuri

M&M For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :
Hair : Miracle @ ::69::
Outfit : Suki Dress by M&M @ Cosmo
Jewels : Esmee @ Lazuri

Amarelo Manga For Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Styling :
Hair : Dae @ Calico
Outfit : Gypsy by Amarelo Manga @ Cosmo
Headband : Aisling @ The secrets story
Earing : Purplemoon ( gift @ monochromatic)

vendredi 18 avril 2014

Drift - Taketomi - aisling

Styling :
Hair : kana by Taketomi @ Kustom9
Dress : Lil @ Drift
HeadBand : Pimflette Elegance by aisling @ The Seasons Story
Ring : Emerald by Mengka @ (old gatcha in the Accessoire)


Styling :
Hair :   Meiling by Taketomi @ the Seasons Story
Short : Denim Short Color @ AvaGirl
Shirt : Loose Shirt print @ AvaGirl

Demina Sensual Night For Angel Dessous

Styling :
Hair : Awake @ Magika
Outfit : Demina Sensual Night @ Angel Dessous
Hat : Bliss Couture

jeudi 17 avril 2014

Miss Fashion 2014 - Final 1st Round - Caprycia Resident

Theme : John Galliano
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕
For this final caprycia decided to highlight this dress creation "John Galliano" Fall - Winter 2007/2008.
For this collection, John Galliano had called masters of painting.
These are Gustav Klimt and John Singer Sargent interfere in his robes-masterpieces.
Art and Couture are definitely inseparable.
This is the volume that premium, an exaggerated. Silk is ruffled, draped, embroidered with stone ... Sublime.
These dresses then have the permission of the big night. The 50s, 60s and 70s intertwine happiness silhouettes marked contrast to skirts ball effect size.
Platforms heel needles highlight long legs.
The colors are bold, they attract the eye as a gemstone.
Mosaics with floral motifs revisited sauce Contemporary Art.
During a show Caprycia wants to attract your eye on it,
as a living work of art ...
Find this Styling here :
Styling :
Hair : Judy @ D!va (Modified)
Dress : Galli Fushia @ Tres Beau
Shoes : Majesty Heels (Slink Medium) Pink @ Reign
Jewels : Tres Chic @ Lazuri
Mask : Mask Lace Dark Purple @ Orchidea
Make - up Lip : Glossy Lip 3D @ Izzie's
Eyeliner : Couture Eyeliner n°2 @ Glam Affair

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Penumbra Model Casting Call 2014 - Caprycia Resident

Styling :
Hair : San Francisco by Exile @ The Seasons Story
Dress : Lua Sun Day Dress @ Prism

Lua Sun Day Dress For PRISM

Styling :
Hair : Fleur by Truth @ The Seasons Story
Dress : Lua Sun Dress @ PRISM
Jewels : Finesmith ( Old Gift )

samedi 12 avril 2014

Cosmopolitan Sale Room Round 34

Styling :
Outfit : [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14] Viva Forever @ Cosmo
Hair : Chloé @ Emphique
Jewels :  Falling Romance @ Lazuri (Old Gift)

Styling :
Outfit : [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14] You Little Thief @ Cosmo
Hair :  Grappa pieva @ LoQ
Jewels :  shahy red @ lazuri

Styling :
Outfit : BE Designs- Alice 2 - Ladybug @ Cosmo
Hair :  [LCKY] Hansel

Styling :
Outfit : Forever summer  @ Cosmo
Hair :  san Francisco by Exile @ The Seasons Story

Styling :
Outfit : SSW Selfie @ Cosmo
Hair : Meiling by Taketomi @ The Seasons Story

mercredi 9 avril 2014

AD - Tribute To Capucci For The Kv Dream Agency

AD - Tribute to Capucci
Designer: Aliza Karu
DRESS: AD creation - Roberto Capucci Tribute
This dress is inspired to Roberto Capucci.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:
More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:
Hair :  Boon URU697
Jewels : Delia Ruby @ Lazuri

Asteria Wild Bedrosian

Styling :
Hair : Sakura @ Argrace ( Subscribe Gift )
  Oufit : Wild Bedrosian @ Asteria
Jewels :  classic pearl @ Lazuri
Shoes :  Riverton Sandal - Moonglow  @ Hucci (Old C88)

lundi 7 avril 2014

Ninja @ JAPAN FAIR 2014

Styling :
Outfit : [Ay] NINJA(kunoichi)"RAN" @ Japan Fair
Hair : Genius High Pony Tail @ Tuty's
Shoes : Origami @ E-Clipse
Jewels : Ying&Yang @ EarthStones

Miss Fashion 2014 - Round 7 - Caprycia Resident

Theme : Charles Frederick Worth
Miss Fashion - ♕VeraWangMFC2014♕
In the 1850s,  Charles Frederick Worth moved to Paris with his family to open a salon fashion.
He had the idea of ​​presenting his creations to clients - first, Princess Metternich
and the Empress Eugenie - making them wear by models in flesh and bone.
The fashion show was born.
Born in Bourne, Charles Frederick Worth apprenticed in London, department store news, suppliers of the British aristocracy. Came to Paris in 1845, he became a chief clerk in Gagelin, rue Richelieu, where he became partner in a few years (this house has received a command part of the trousseau of the Empress Eugenie at her marriage Napoleon III).
Seeking to increase its independence, Worth joins the Swedish Gustave Bobergh for the opening in 1858 of his own house in a newly pierced street, 7, rue de la Paix, which will become the home venue you elegant Parisian. After a difficult start, Worth Client wife of the Ambassador of Austria attracts Princess Metternich, who introduced him to the Empress Eugenie. The latter deceived in fact his regular fashion.
Specializing in prom dresses, it is the revival of the Lyon silk and draws on a vast register lace motifs and embroidery. It takes advantage of technical innovations such as the appearance of mechanical lace or that of industrial dyes, which enable it to offer unreleased colors.
Caprycia presents you a dress of time color Emerald
in Velour, adorned with lace and gold embroidery.
Corset highlights the beautifully designed with size at its base a large petticoat velvet.
The headdress emerald bring elegance and finesse to this bourgeois held in the largest palaces of nobility, the time of evening.
Styling :
Hair : Elle Attachment @ Amacci
Hat :  Chapeau Burlesque @ Marketplace ( color modified )
Dress : Formal Gown * Victoria ( French Renaissance ) @ *QD* Empire of Quality
Shoes : Ankle-Shoes * Victoria (French Renaissance ) @ *QD* Empire of Quality
Jewels :  Maysoon @ Lazuri
Make-Up : Indigo's Umber Envy Makeover [eye, lip 2] @ Mock

vendredi 4 avril 2014


MUA Set Sparkle
Styling :
Jewels : Set Lolita Paragorn @ Lazuri
Head Piece : Anemone @ LaGyo

mardi 1 avril 2014

Vanity - Shi - Ison - Chop Zuey

Styling :
Hair : Starlight @ Vanity
Dress : Drape Jumper  @ Shi
Shoes : Lace-up Gladiator @ Ison
Jewels : Kharma @ Chop Zuey

MUA - Royal & Aphrodite

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on the Shop Mua
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